Eat. Pray. Poop.

I have been having more and more bouts of intestinal distress lately and will be seeing a doctor. I am hoping for gallbladder, but my dad pointed out it could be an ulcer….which would be worse because the gallbladder can simply be removed.

However I know how to ease my intestinal issues, change the foods I eat, simple, right? Wrong. At school I have take to not drinking coffee (this is a death wish for a teacher), not eating during the day, and watching what I drink. This makes life a little more miserable than eating something and taking Immodium A.D.. However I have recently discovered Kaopectate, vanilla flavored (usurped pink Pepto Bismol) and it is easing my distress.

Now this brings me to the pray part. When I am home and I see food I like which I know will make me buckle over in pain later I just hope it won’t happen. I know it will, but for some reason future me can’t convince present me of the pain to come, so I just hope it won’t. This reminds me of an experiment done with chimps where when food enters the equation all rationale thought leaves the brain and they make bad decisions. Show me a slice of pizza and future me is drowned out my present me.

However I have wireless internet and plenty of comic books to keep me busy as I “flush out” the bad foods and deal with the pain.

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