Psychosomatic lucidity….

For the past week I have some severe stomach pains that have been a lot worse than usual. I have been sticking it out and I am waiting to go to the doctor. However they have leaked into my dreams.

Aqila has to work until about 9:30-10pm at night due to the time of the student’s study hall in the evening. There are times when I fall asleep when she isn’t home yet.

Last night I was suffering through some intestinal pain and faded off to sleep. I immediately fell into a dream where Aqila and I were in Colombia and avoiding a drug cartel. I spent most of the dream running around and hiding with her on varying types of farmland. However we eventually got caught.

When they did I was stabbed in the stomach and felt an incredible burning pain. The knife was pulled out and then reinserted, each time the waves of pain became sharper and sharper. Finally I woke up with the same pain in my intestines.

More importantly I woke up alone and couldn’t shake the freaked out feeling I had for Aqila. She wasn’t home yet and seeing as we were just caught by a drug cartel I wasn’t too keen on her not being around me. However she eventually came home and I felt a lot better.

Then in the middle of the night I had a dream I was caught under ice and couldn’t get out, I was scared as hell and kept prolonging my drowning my breathing in small amounts of air bubbles trapped under the ice. I began to get a pain in my lungs, I felt myself running out of air and woke up to a strange tight feeling in my chest, not my heart, but a little lower.

I just wish my body would wake me up instead of incorporating these pains into a dream. And yes I do have a doctor’s appointment.

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