Big Risk…Big Reward….

We are building a garden on campus and the students are putting together beds. There was one moment today that gave me that feeling of “I am doing something good”.

There was a somewhat uncoordinated and awkward boy in the class. We were using some high powered drilled to drive in screws. Strong enough to spin out of your hand once the screw bites.

So I asked this student if he wants to try the drill, he nervously takes the drill and I show him how to use it. So I am bracing the wood and I notice he is a little shaky, I was on my toes and as soon as he goes to drill he loses control and I move my hand just in time to not be hit by the errant power tool. he immediately freaks out, hands me the drill and says “I am done, nope, not good at this stuff just forget it”.

I grab the drill, put the drill in his hand, look him in the eye and say “I believe in you, I trust you, now do it again.”

I showed him again how to brace the drill with his hand and use his body weight to control the drill. He drives the screw in no problem. He grins, gets excited and asks if he can screw in the next board. His confidence skyrocketed and he you could see him walk a little taller to the next stack of wood.

In all honesty I did believe in him and I knew he could do it. But there was a brief moment where I visualized my hand getting mangled by the drill.

But you gotta take big risks to get big rewards.


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2 responses to “Big Risk…Big Reward….

  1. I contend again: you have the best job in the world. Really, you do.

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