The previous pictures on this blog show my new buddy, Roger.    Aqila and I have taken to sleeping in the living room with our backdoor open to the yard so the kittens can come in and sleep.  I for some reason set up a box with a pillow in it for them to sleep in.  Why I did this, I don’t know.

So the cats have taken to this box, and yesterday one of them even brushed by my leg when I was on the couch.  Aqila was overly excited by this advancement.

So last night as we were sleeping in the middle of our living room floor I awoke from a dream to a loud crunching sound.  I woke up and rustled Aqila awake (she sleeps through everything) and shined the light on our new friend.  Aqila freaked out for a moment afraid it was going to attack her or her hair.   However we both sat there and watched Roger dump cat food on the ground and then eat it with his little hands.

The cats were glued to the inside of the box and didn’t dare move.  Roger was big, about the size of a larger small dog.   When he left I asked Aqila if she wanted the door shut, but I warned if we do the cats may bolt out or they may feel trapped and not come in anymore… we left the door open.  She tightened her hood around her head and cocooned herself in three blankets for protection. 

At 4:30am Roger came back and we awoke to him eating the food, sniffing around our living room and then slowly dragging the food dish outside to finish it.

I love Roger and if Aqila gets her cats, I get to have my raccoon.

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