The Sea Shepherd, the Three Stooges of Environmental World…

…admittedly I never gave Whale Wars a chance but decided to after watching a particularly hilarious South Park episode spoofing the show.

South Park was dead on.

After watching the pilot and the first shows of season 1 I came to the realization that there maybe one or two mariners on those ships.  The rest are basically the same inept self-proclaimed eco-warriors I went to college with who talk a big game but bail out at the slightest sign of danger or going to jail.

All you hear from the crew (most who have never been on a boat or seen a real whale) is “I will die for the whales”.

Really? You will die for them but you won’t go to jail for them? No offense, if you were a true pirate, a true eco-warrios then you would sink the Japanese whaling ships and take your punishment.  How can you say you will die for a whale but all you do is throw stink bombs on the deck of a FISHING VESSEL!!

Obviously they have never been on the deck of a fishing boat, smell is the last thing those people care about.

“We also through cellulose material on the boat to make it slippery!”

Again, ever been on a blood and gut soaked deck? Believe me gutting a whale has enough smell and slickness on a boat then your “butter bombs” and “flour bombs”.

The crew is completely inept, they capsized a zodiac (a small inflatable boat) trying to launch it, then they speed off in the wrong direction once they launch their zodia.  They drive a ship with a zero, ZERO, ice classification into an ice field.

In season 2 they actually have a former U.S. Navy member on the ship.  She tried to implement safety procedures and checklists into habits of the crew (seeing as they are constantly forgetting radios and such when they leave on the zodiacs it is needed).  However her procedures were scoffed at and largely ignored.  So this right away told me that these people have the typical egocentric view of most environmentalists…..they know exactly what is right for the world because they saw a few inaccurate documentaries.

Here is my thought process.  If you claim you are willing to die for the whales you get some explosives and you launch them onto the decks of the whaling ships and sink them.  Honestly it is the same fleet of Japanese boats year after year.  Sink them, take your lumps, go to prison for life, or get the death penalty….if you will truly die for them.

Then there is Captain Paul Watson, by all argument he may very well have faked a shooting on his ship.  After an altercation with the Japanese he walked onto the bridge and showed people a bullet proof vest he was wearing that had what looked like a slug in it, however he had no black and blue on his chest and he was never knocked over.

It is common knowledge that if you are shot while wearing a vest you will DEFINITELY have a severe bruise in the area you were shot, and most likely most likely broken ribs.

Then there is the fact that they never pursued any legal action after the shooting, these “Sea Shepherds” whine every time the whaling ships skirt the law, they would definitely pursue a shooting. In fact in season 2 there was never a mention of the shooting.

It was faked.

The Sea Shepherd is literally on thin ice.  The Japanese are being patient with them, but if they keep pushing them and putting them in harms way they are going to push back…..and the Sea Shepherds will have no ground to stand on.   Throwing bottles onto a boat or doing anything to endanger the crew of a boat is highly illegal.

I am personally waiting to see the Japanese harpoon boat shoot a hole through the Sea Shepherds hull.

Don’t get me wrong, I am highly against whaling, however don’t talk a big game unless you play a big game.

The Sea Shepherd and its crew are the equivalent of having the Three Stooges as your body guards.

Godspeed Sea Shepherd, but man up and make a difference, sink the fleet or go home.


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2 responses to “The Sea Shepherd, the Three Stooges of Environmental World…

  1. kath

    Watch season III!!!!! (Spoiler alert). They get it together, grow some, take a beating by the Japanese, someone goes to jail, and are very successful in stopping whaling. I think the show is sensationalized, but not surprisingly I heart Whale Wars.

  2. They could have gone to jail the second they threw any projective onto the Japanese boats.

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