…wait, I how did I get here?

I know I have been absent from here for some time.  Basically putting up random photos and videos.    Fact is I have been busy getting back to work….a little too busy.

For some reason I feel the need to do more work than what keeps me above the Mendoza line, for some reason I want to be Ted Williams.   I am not sure what the drive to do more than the norm, maybe it comes from my father who always challenged me to do better.

I am still participating in the Temple University study, I also took on another study from Wills Eye Hospital, details will come later.  I am also co-building a sustainable garden on campus that will feed a lot of our students and adults.   This is no easy task, luckily I have been working with another employee and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society so we aren’t going blindly into the development.

It is a huge undertaking though, and I am learning a lot about planting crops, irrigation, crop rotation, etc.

Now add to that being the Science Department Chair with a determination to improve the program, not just sustain it makes me a busy person.   I am in the process of writing a science curriculum for grades 1-5.   This has been a hell of a lot of work.   It took a lot of research and work to do one school year for grades 1 and 2.   However the thought that I get to write the curriculum for children just beginning their educational voyage leaves me quite amazed, and unfortunately weighted with all the responsibility of starting children on their educational path.

The true issue I am having this week is Aqila is on vacation with her sister.  She left last Wednesday and at first it was fine.  However the last few nights I have had some terrible dreams.  In fact I remember at least 2-3 dreams a night.  I awake at least every 2 hours from these dreams.  Usually Aqila is there sleeping safely.   Seeing her reassures my mental state and I fall back asleep.   However with her away there is no one there.   I try not to fall back asleep, but I go from trying to stay awake right into a dream seamlessly.   For some reason insomnia comes when I don’t want it and sleep comes when I don’t want it.

So today I actually got home had energy and time and decided to focus on updating this.  Now my next task is to clean up and simplify our apartment before Aqila gets back in a week.   We are trying to get rid of a lot of clutter, then rearrange the apartment to take advantage of space, electronic outlets/cable modem input site, and functionality.   With winter coming we will be spending more time in doors and need to have it a lot nicer to look at.  Plus we are thinking of actually getting a table to eat at.

I am off to attack one corner of the apartment.


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2 responses to “…wait, I how did I get here?

  1. if i wrote science curriculum for 1st graders, the first 3 months of school would be experiments that involved sticking various objects up the nose and seeing what happened.

    this is why i don’t write science curriculum for 1st graders.

  2. classic mistake….nose is the first month, ear are the next two months.

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