Video and Photos from Motorcyclin’

Sorry I have been laxed on here.  Work is starting and it turning out to be much more than I had expected.  Won’t go into details but I have a lot more on my plate.

I also have a great post my dad wrote during the trip.   I am going to post it, but I am holding off at the moment.   It is quite good and well, very personal.  Not sure I want to share it with people quite yet, want to keep it as my own for now.

Thank you Dad.

I am on the precipice of getting my new laptop.  Summer check has arrived now i just need to deposit the check and buy it.  Once I do I will get the files and videos going at a better rate, but for now it is all basic stuff.  I have HD videos I can’t upload yet….those will be good.

So, pictures and video, just take them for what they are, not much description, just random times from our journey….

Dusty ride that almost broke my camera.  We were following a pilot car over unpaved road…

Rain, mud, loose rocks, steamrollers….

View from behind me of Tim…

…..and some random photos…

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