O’ Canada…

Sorry for the lessening of posts however the deeper we get into Canada the tougher and tougher it gets to find internet access.  We are currently in Fort Nelson British Columbia after a 560 miles day and finally entering the Alaska-Canadian highway…

It lifted our spirits to see signs of Alaska coming.   The journey has left us wondering if we can do it.   Each time we look at the map we see just how far away Alaska really is.  To be honest the cross country trip from Boston to Washington state was merely a warm up for the true test of grit…..driving through the vast and slow roadways of Canada.

Today we ran into black bear, caribou, mule deer, and moose.   We also ran into issues trying to find a place to stay because the Al-Can highway is the only road that people can travel and the towns are so sparse people gravitate toward them in the evening.  We were shut out of one town and had to drive an additional 140 miles on this winding road.  Which as we discovered on a downward S-cruve, is not all paved.

There is no doubt it is not east and we spent about 13 hours on the motorcycle today.   This is taking a toll on the insect population along the highway as it seems my face has a way of attracting them at 70 miles an hour…..

Yes those are dead bugs on my forehead and sunglasses.

There is no doubt this trip is difficult, it is not just a cruise through nice scenery.  The highway leading to Alaska is one that takes superior skill and attention.   You cannot just sit back and look around.  The highway, which is truly just a road with a yellow line, needs to be navigated carefully and with respect.   The going is slower than we expected, but the adventure is bigger than we expected.

Here is some video from the riding….

Tomorrow we will be in the Yukon Territory, I am not sure what kind of connections we will find there, but I will do my best to update.


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3 responses to “O’ Canada…

  1. Paul

    Nice videos, Keep it up your almost there. I was Happy I rode 200 miles today a little rain. But we went around the big lake.

  2. Mom

    GreAt update……loved the pix….hoPe you’re not eating too many bugs. Loved the videos. Safe riding. Love you

  3. Lorna

    Keep up the good work guys. You can do it, bugs and all. Lorna

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