Day 2: Niagra Falls Canada to Manitowac, Wisconsin

I am barely getting internet reception so I am going to have to make this a quick entry.  Yesterday I noticed a vibration sound on my bike and we decided to let the bikes cool until the morning before checking it.  Worried it could be an internal issue we were glad to find out it was only my foot shifter rattling a bit.  Nothing serious.

After getting turned around a bit in Canada due to their subtle signs for major roadways we were heading west toward the US border into Michigan.  The days ride would be easy because we were ending at a Ferry which left at 8:30pm, plenty of time to do 460 miles in a day.  Well plenty of time if you don’t take into account the hour and half hold up at the US border as we tried to get back in.   After lines and lines of traffic, one of them atop a very, very very, very, high bridge where I was next to the very, very, very, very short guard rail over looking the very, very, very, very, far drop.

After successfully making it through the border by 3pm, we realized we had to hit the ground running when we got to Michigan, so we got over the border and immediately began driving at a brake neck pace.   We manage to rip across the state of Michigan in roughly 4 hours.  I am sure it is quite beautiful, even at 75 miles an hour it looked nice.

When we go to the Ferry we hopped on it and wiled away 4 hours as we made our way across Lake Michigan.   We stretched out on the bow deck on chairs and it got cool enough to put on sweatshirts.   John Sr. slept, Tim listened to his iPod, and I counted how many satellites passed by overhead, two, I only saw two.

Tomorrow we head west through Wisconsin and into the land of 10,000 lakes, although from what I heard there are actually 12,500 lakes, but it didn’t sound as catchy.   It is 2am EST and we have an early morning.

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