Day 1: Boston to Niagra Falls, Canada….

With the first day down it and a solid 500 miles behind us it seems we are beginning to adjust to the road.   The lane changes are sort of sloppy at the moment, however they are tightening up.  We ride in this order, John Sr, John Jr, and Tim.  In a few days I will be able to see a few moves ahead and know when my father is going to change lanes and predict it so as to make it go much smoother.

There is still gear adjusting going on, finding that perfect spot of bags to rest your back against, continually moving your feet to get the right comfort level and always shaking your throttle hand to keep it from going numb.

The toughest rides are at the beginning, lots of traffic, poor scenery and the normal views one would see along a highway.   However it did get interesting toward the end of the day around Buffalo.  There were some serious wind gusts, enough that it would blow the bike around a bit, constantly reminding me that the luggage adds a higher profile and acts almost like a sail for the bike.

I have never been to Buffalo and I have no intention of stopping there, a city past its prime and trying to hold on to any shred of popularity it could have it is not what I would call a destination city.

As we wove around Buffalo we made our way over the river and into Canada.

I was curious what kind of welcome we would get into the America Jr.  I was fully expecting to get a pulled over and searched, but I was wrong.  I was met with a jovial customs agent who originally thought I was Canadian.   Then was keenly interested and impressed with our trip.

Once into Canada I had a strange urge to watch Degrassi Jr. High and play some hockey.  However the lack of TV and ice prevented both of those from happening.   We did manage to get a nice view of Canada and took a wrong turn toward Toronto instead of Niagra Falls when we first got in, but soon we were on the right track and heading toward the falls.

Niagra Falls is like a time capsule from when people were into “Space Age Technology” and muted plastic colors.  It is Las Vegas’ retarded child.   Not exactly a place I would want to come again however the falls are quite amazing.  Photos do not do it justice nor is it easy to get a scale of how large they are….

There is a small part of me that believes I could survive going over the falls.  The other part I found impressive was just how easily a person could hop into or throw someone into the water.    The other interesting part was there was an unbelievable amount of Indian people there.  I am not sure if it is a destination spot for the different people of India or if there are a lot in Canada but there was a disproportionate amount of them there.

Time to wrap it up and get a good night sleep for tomorrow.  On the agenda is Michigan, then hop a ferry to Wisconsin…..maybe get some cheese curds?


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3 responses to “Day 1: Boston to Niagra Falls, Canada….

  1. Paul

    Nice. Hope you guys are having Fun.

  2. Hi!

    1. two race cards…Hockey and Indians. Dispute later.
    2. Buffalo probs doesn’t like you either.
    3. Beautiful pictures. Totes Jeal
    4. Be safe!

  3. Nate

    John, bring me back some real canadian maple syrup.

    That is all.

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