A New Breed of Adventurer….

Shackleton, Hillary, Columbus, Yeager, Armstrong, Romano, Romano, Boland, what do these names have in common? They are all amongst a group of men who yearn for the adventure of the unknown, to plant their flag in a place where no man has tread before, they are a breed of Adventurers.

Haven’t heard the name Romano or Boland? I don’t blame you, their, nay, our adventure starts in July.   Three men, a father, a son, and a guy named Boland who came into the circle under a cloud of mystery that many know but I just don’t feel like going into here because it is a long, strange explanation that will leave you with more questions thus sprouting up a side series of blogs just to explain how we came to know him, but rest assured he is an essential part of the team.  These three men have one goal this summer….

Ride to the top of the world.

Now I know a lot of people climb a mountain and shout “TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!” But they are not on the top of the world.    No, the top of the world starts at latitude 66.5619 degrees, yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the Arctic Circle.

These Adventurers will start in the city of Boston and travel on motorcycle until they hit the land of the midnight sun.  A place where for 24 hours the sun never sets, you can watch it make a complete circle around the sky…..

The Top of the World

The personalities of this group are as varied as a tool box, and like a tool box each one has a specific skill that services a greater part of the team….

John Romano Sr:  The Leader

“The Leader”

John Romano Sr. is a grizzled iron horse jockey who has ridden cross country twice now and with the addition of this trip will make a total of 49 states he has galloped through.   He is known as the unofficial leader of the group.  His meticulous planning and attention to detail makes him a natural pack leader.   He prefers an old school way of doing things over modern.  Often times using a hard copy of a map and plotting the points to which he then writes on his hand, this man does it his way.

His personality, gruff yet refined, serious, yet humorous, angry, yet happy, yes a true man of mystery where one can never tell if they will be knocked out or patted on the back.   He is a calculating man whose intelligence is only rivaled by his tan.  He lives by the motto etched into his arm “Death is Certain, Life is not, Live”.

Tim Boland: The Utility Man

The Utility Man

Tim Boland is the utility man of the group.   He to is embarking on his third cross-country trip.  A veteran on the motorcycle he is literally a jack of all trades he brings whatever is needed to the team.  Your bike breaks, Tim can fix it, your HD LCD TV breaks, Tim can fix it.  Your grandmother can’t turn her computer off, Tim can fix it.   He is sometimes describes as the quiet one, the guy you want to watch because you never know what he might do.   If I had to choose to fight a bear, Tim, or a squirrel I would fight them in this order: Bear, Squirrel, Tim (I have a fear of nut gathering rodents).  Regardless you don’t want to tangle with this man.   Even more than his reputation in the ring is his reputation for loyalty.  There is never a time when a person would say “I needed Tim’s help, but he wasn’t there for me”.  You would sooner hear the Pope selling Ortho Try Clen than that.

John Romano Jr. : The Funny Guy

The Funny Man

John Romano Jr. is a legend in his mind.  He is self-described as “220 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal”.  He is quick with a joke, sometimes too quick and often finds himself in trouble because of it.   However he brings a much-needed comic relief to the group.   This is his third cross-country trip, but only his second on a motorcycle.    Often times his comedic stylings are mistaken for unintelligence, but don’t get it twisted, this man is sharp.  He will use his humor to make people comfortable but this boy can strike like a rattlesnake.     He is trained in the zoological sciences but can read a map with the best of them (he minored in cartography).  He is also considered the “Techie” of the group.  His ability to hack Wifi networks and his sweet Motorola Droid smartphone coupled with his solar-powered atomic watch make him a true FutureMan.

These three men will combine their talents, efforts, and abilities to carry one another to the top of the world.    Their story will unravel here on PaleolithicRomano’s blog.  Where I will constantly update, photograph, and blog the adventure.   Check in daily for the updates of where we are, what we are doing, and how many times Tim has stopped for some Newman’s Own iced coffee.

Someone asked me “Romano, why the hell do you want to ride your motorcycle from Boston to Alaska, and then into the depths of the Arctic Circle?”

I paused thoughtfully for a moment and replied “Because it’s there”.

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One response to “A New Breed of Adventurer….

  1. Paul

    Hey best of luck guys.take plenty of pictures and keep us posted.
    keep the shiny side up

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