Conquistadors oust Voortrekkers from South Africa….

…*sigh*…it is actually over, I have to come to grips with it.  The World Cup is no longer a part of my life.  The last bit of business is to uninstall the World Cup App for my phone.

The game was messy, it was disgraceful, and it was not what one would think would showcase the two best teams, but it was what it was.    I miss it already, last night I had a dream that the USA was in the World Cup final game.  I was excited, couldn’t wait for the final game, and then I woke up….and realized it wasn’t so.

Time to look forward to the next World Cup, and what a World Cup it will be.  Brazil will be the host nation and there is no doubt it will be exciting.   I guess I need to start saving now because what better excuse to go to Brazil than to watch the World Cup!

I am also going to go see Predators tonight with Ross and Tony, two fans of the genre and both excited to see it……

Predators is one of this summer’s most surprisingly fun movies. It’s a solid if somewhat unremarkable sequel, but one that’s nevertheless the closest in spirit and execution to the 1987 original. As the best Predator movie since the first film, Predators successfully erases the odious memory of Predator 2 and those silly AvP movies. It makes the eponymous alien cool and scary again, and restores the franchise to its gritty and gory roots.

While I disagree with what was said about the Alien vs. Predator movies I am excited to see the Predators hunt on their own planet and even more excited to finally see the Super Predator and Predator Dogs that have been touted for so long and are finally on film.

Take a peek at the trailer….

“How do you kill them? Any way you can”.

OOOOOHHHHHHH  YYEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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