I am Hunter…..

This is a story I wrote it has been passed around before, but I like it and it fits my life right now, also this is my dream in life……

I looked at myself in the mirror when i got out of the shower this morning. Something that occurs daily. Not sure what was different about this morning but I caught myself out of the corner of my eye and it wasn’t the person I knew. My hair was shaggy, my beard coarse, body hair, and the overall appearance of a man who just wandered out of a cave ready for the hunt.

My mind wandered.

I started my day sharpening my tools….
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As I squatted I paid close attention to the stimuli around me, the wind gently moved the coarse hair on my face, it funneled up the fibers and into my trained nose, “hhmmph, nothing in the air”. I perked up and surveyed my landscape, there was nothing looming on the horizon, my ears twitched for any sound, nothing but the rustling of debris in the wind. I was safe for now and can continue my task. The spearhead must be sharp, it must be able to cut through the thick hide of my quarry and pierce the vital organs that deliver life. The quicker the bring down the easier it is. I do not want to wrestle with the beast. My body is scarred from inaccurate spear throws. Strangely enough most of the injured prey will charge their attacker instead of run. I must rely on my quick hands and sharp knife to deliver a death blow. However as a human I am slow and weak in hand to horn combat. My strength lies in my problem solving and weapons.

I know as the sun continues to rise I must hunt. Nature is my employer and my job title is apex predator. I must eat to live, I must hunt to eat, so I hunt to live.

I check the spearhead with my thumb, blood trickles down the grooves of my fingerprint and I know instantly I have created a lethal weapon. I hold it in the throwing position and check the weight and flexibility…..perfect.

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I stand up, the wind is blowing stronger now, I feel it move through my beard and up into my nose. I inhale deeply, I smell my prey on the wind. The dank, musky odor of wet, thick, matted fur. The smell is subtle but it is there, I turn slightly to get a bearing on the prey, the wind is my friend today. I turn in the direction of the scent and begin to lightly jog. The sun is becoming brighter, it is glinting off the landscape and hindering my sight. However I keep moving because the smell is getting stronger, I stop for a moment and listen……..leaves blowing on rocks……I tighten my eardrums, a muscle not normally controlled but with practice one can achieve it. I hear the huffing and harsh release of air from the lungs of my prey off to the right. I move slowly, crouched in the landscape of crumbling rock and steel. Vegetation forcing their way through the crumbling structures of a once thriving civilization. Vines have grown thick on the bent and fallen steel beams of once mighty structures. During my hunts I have come across pictures of this landscape many years ago, tall glass buildings, steel, and cement. No place for a hunter, but now, now it has become perfect. The crumbled buildings offer shelter for many animals, they offer footholds for many different types of vegetation. Yes, this has become a hunters playground.

I hear my prey in the short distance ahead. I walk, in the crouched position next to a huge wall of steel and glass, my hand glides along the cracked glass windows of a fallen building, my other hand lightly holds my spear. I am moving like a ghost now, not wanting to make a sound and scare my prey. As I move I look into the glass and see my reflection. Matted hair and coarse beard cover a weathered face. My eyes piercing and insightful. I look at myself, I am hunter.

I stop just at the end of the building. I crouch low to the ground, one hand propped up by the spear, one hand palm down on the ground, my head tilted slightly to hear around the corner and my nose twitching for scent.

I know the prey is there, I can smell them, I can hear them, and my empty stomach and salivating mouth can taste them. I only have one shot to make the kill. A prey this size will maul me instantly, but a prey this size will feed me for weeks. I am hunter, this is what I was built for.

I move without a sound around the corner. I survey the scene, there are two prey feeding on the low grass in the shade of the building. They cannot run to my left because the building blocks their path. Ahead of me is a new growth forest, dense with low trees that grow closely to one another racing upwards for the light. My prey’s girth will not allow them to escape through there. If they run toward me they will meet my spearhead, their only escape is to my right. I need to close the gap.

I am hunter.

I move lightly in a diagonal line from the building to the right. I want to make a triangle with the building, the forest, and me. If I stand in the center of the hypotenuse of the triangle the prey will not see an escape route and will make bad decisions. This is good for me.

I am hunter.

I size them up as I crouch behind some cement rubble. The tusks on the larger of the two are long and sharp. If she charges I must remember she will have great reach with these. The smaller animal is young, it has but tiny nubs for tusks, they represent no danger. Most would go for the younger prey, this is wrong. The mother will protect her young viciously, even if you manage to bring it down she will guard the carcass. I must kill the mother. This will render the young animal confused and helpless. If I am fast enough I can remove my spear from the fallen prey and kill the other. If I am fast enough.

I am hunter.

I play the scene out in my mind. I must throw my spear with extreme force and accuracy, if the throw does not kill her I will not be able to bring her down with knife. The dense, matted fur offers good protection, but the fur is thinnest on the skull between the eyes. However the skull is thick, but with enough force it will penetrate the bone and bring down the animal instantly. To make this shot I must be in close range to the animal. 10 yards away at most, anything greater in distance will not work. I have tested the penetration of my spear at different distance on the fallen carcasses of previous prey. When I make the kill I inspect the animal, it is a unique time to get a close look. I take care in finding weak spots, testing how hard I must throw my spear to penetrate different parts of the animal. I am always thinking of the next hunt.

I am hunter.

I am 30 yards from the prey. I scan the landscape ahead, there is very little cover from where I am to them. My bronze skin will stick out against this gray ground. I look around, I pick up hand fulls of crushed cement and rub it on my body, covering my skin. I rub it my hair and on my face. I am becoming the earth, I begin to control my breathing so that it will be rhythmic and not disjunct which will impede the accuracy of my throw. I tighten and loosen my grip on my spear feeling for the exact center so that I will release it completely balanced. I close my eyes and breath deep, I play out the kill in my mind again.

I am hunter.

I move only when the animals breath so it masks the sound of my movement. I am staying low, half crouched half crawling. I am downwind of them, I cannot be smelled. The only thing that can give me away is too much movement and too much sound. I have taken sound away from them because I move when they breath out. I must stay low and move slow.

I am hunter.

It has taken me 20 minutes to go 10 yards. Patience is important. Another 10 yards and I will be at the end of my killing zone. I move, slowly, the prey stop feeding for a moment and smell the air, their trunks searching the molecules for signs of danger. They pause and look around, I stop and lay flat against the ground, I do not breath. My ear is to the earth and I listen for their movement. They go back to feeding, content they are safe.

I am hunter.

I am now within 10 yards of the prey, in my mind I visualize myself standing up and throwing in one swift movement. In my mind I will the spear to the kill zone on the prey. I cannot see it from here. I must move closer, but closer means danger. It has been 30 minutes since I made my approach, the closer I get the slower I must move. My stomach feels empty, I have not eaten in 4 days, I must kill to survive.

I am hunter.

I move to within 5 yards of the great beast. My breathing has become a slow, subtle rhythm matched to the beating of my heart. I have the ability to control these things. I grip the spear in the center as I lay flat on the ground, my view is obscured by the grass but I can see my prey. I need her to shift to the left so her head is straight in front of me, I cannot throw at an angle, the spear will careen off the skull and not penetrate, no, it must be a dead straight shot. So I wait.

I am hunter.

She lets out a large huff of air and turns her head straight at me.

I am hunter.

My muscles have memorized the exact motion and mechanics needed to kill.

I am hunter.

I am no longer operating on thought but on instinct.

I am hunter.

I jump up to my feet as I bring my arm back in perfect form, just as my arm reaches full length I bring it forward in a smooth straight line and release the spear by rolling it off my fingers so it spirals out keeping it straight as it cuts through the air. Immediately as my arm falls in front of my waist I am already following my spear to the prey. The spear greets its target with its intended purpose and as I am running I see the giant beast fall. The young prey looks at its fallen mother and begins to run toward her. I take two running leaps, spring myself up onto the head of the fallen beast and remove my spear in one movement. As I am finishing my leap I spring myself off of the head, pull the spear back behind me and drive it in deeply between the eyes of the oncoming animal and land one knee up one knee down in front of the dead prey.

I am hunter.

I remove my spear from the animal. I am standing between two fallen prey items. I am breathing hard and deep. I look at one and then the other. I smile at my success, I will have food, clothing, and materials for many weeks. I look at my spearhead covered in blood, with two fingers I wipe the warm blood from the tip and then draw two thick lines under my eyes. I look to the sky and let out a guttural roar.

I am hunter.


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3 responses to “I am Hunter…..

  1. john romano sr

    do you get the same feeling when you go to the gas station for coffee and beef jerky?

  2. if this was facebook, i would “like” your dad’s comment.

  3. I wish, it is sort of a let down to not have to see your food running around before you eat it.

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